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Why selling on Italify

  • 1. Opening a shop and selling on Italify is completely free of charge

  • 2. No inserction fees, no subscription, No % on products sold)

  • 3. Possibility to import your products from other websites (Etsy etc.)

  • 4. Easy and intuitive shop handling thanks to the advanced Italify console

  • 5. Excusively dedicated to artist which are living in Italy

  • 6. Contribute to Italify developement in the world and promote italian handcraft

  • 7. Secure payment through paypal platform

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  • How selling works on Italify


    Sell your creations


    Receive payments directly


    Prepare and send the object to the buyer

    On italify you have the chance to show to the world your creations, reaching people and places impossible to be reached through normal marketing ways. italify suggests only italians products, but it is able to reach the whole world thanks to the available multilanguage service. You can easily upload your announcement from home, it is easy and quick; in fact once you are registered you have to log in to, then to complete the easy steps to include the informations about your product and finally to chose some pictures which better represent your artistic creation. Please, do not forget to promote in order to allow the community to grow giving in this way more visibility to your products.